Sunday, June 10, 2012

Archie Is Already Scared of the Vet

The way he looks at me in the vet's lobby

Archie on the Ottoman

Archie did not need much time to develop a fear of the vet. He shows this fear in two ways. First, while we are waiting in the vet's lobby, Archie will look up at me, whine, stand on his hind legs and reach out to me. The little boy is scared just being in the building. I find it endearing and sweet how he seeks solace from me in his troubled time.

The second way he shows his fear is when the vet tech tries to lead Archie away from me and he refuses to budge. I can feel his body pressing even harder against me no matter how nicely the vet tech asks Archie to go. Finally, the vet tech will try a different tactic by asking me to take a few steps towards the back to get Archie moving. So far, the revised tactic has been working.

I hope Archie's fears doesn't escalate his behavior to a severe level. As it stands, Archie couldn't possibly be any cuter.

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