Monday, March 21, 2011


Andy's Last Photo:  Even when he was old and dying, he was cute!

My Little Man died today. He fell down hard on late Wednesday night and wasn't able to get up for a couple of days. When he did get up, he was very wobbly and could only take a few steps before falling.

Finally, we called a vet who came in this morning and euthanized him. There was no doubt it was his time. We hung on to him as long as we could. Keeping him longer would have been torture for my Baby Boy.

The vet said Andy may have had a blood clot. Sometimes it can take a while for those things to dislodge after surgery to cause harm even though Andy's last surgery was two years ago.

He's in pain no longer.


  1. So incredibly sorry for your loss. Makes me tear up just reading this. ((hugs))

  2. Thank you. I'm going to miss my Baby Boy.