Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dodo Is Going to Be OK
He's Old!

It looks like Dodo won't need surgery after all! The vet said the growth on his eye was eosinophilic keratitis. The inflammation is an autoimmune disease common to cats, dogs and horses. The disease is not painful but if it advances too far, then it could lead to vision problems.

Dodo had a particularly rough trip. Within a mile into the trip, I heard water falling. "Crap, please don't let Dodo have peed in his cage," I thought. He did. Even worse, I didn't put a towel down to sop up any pee such as in events like this. When the vet tech pulled Dodo out, he was soaking in pee on his underside. We got in and out of the vet pretty quickly. I didn't even have to introduce myself when I walked in the lobby. The person behind the counter asked "Is this Dodo?"

The vet pulled out some Buck Rogers hi-tech equipment. He took a look around, took some pics of Dodo's eyes. He explained to me what was going on. I was relieved Dodo didn't need surgery. The vet gave us two ointments. One will be administered for a month, and the other for 2 months.

The vet asked me how old Dodo was. I said he must be at least 5 years old. I didn't know Dodo's real age and explained to the vet how Dodo first appeared at our house in 2008. Dodo was a stray. The vet said that given the thickness of Dodo's lens, Dodo is about 10 years old! Poor Dodo is getting to be an old man. He's almost as old as Pandy Please! When the vet gave his estimate of Dodo's age, I felt like something had been stolen from me. I felt like time with Dodo had been taken from me.

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