Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tamra and Real Housewives of OC on Sunday

Tamra, last night, had some 'girl talk' with Vicki while they were vacationing in Mexico. Tamra boasted about how potent her Latin Lover was, saying "One time we did it for 5 hours . . . And he had 3 orgasms." I was thinking "Give me a fucking break!" Even Vicki seemed a little suspicious. But since she was uncomfortable with the conversation, she didn't follow up on any details.

  • My first thought was this is a 37 year old guy, so did he need a little help (blue pills)?
  • Did he do it for 5 hours straight without taking it out?
  • Or did he do it three times in five hours with a couple of rest breaks?
  • Lastly, did the sexy-time include foreplay?

1 comment:

  1. Was there carb loading involved? Did he RICE? Take a Gu? Did they stretch?