Monday, March 7, 2011

Real Housewives OC Is Off to a Good Start

I may have to change my mind about RHW ATL being the most dramatic in the RHW series. Bravo was showing the previews for the rest of the season for RHW OC. Considering how things went on this season's premiere and what was on the previews for the rest of the season, the OC ladies may take the mantle of most volatile and crazy cast.

I used to feel sorry for Gretchen, but after the stunt she pulled last night, I'm starting to think she's mean as hell. She said Tamra was a crazy, evil bitch. Gretchen was a sloppy drunk. As the party went on she became more loud and obnoxious.

Meanwhile, Lynn has left the show. I didn't know she was dropping out. Bravo has brought in a new cast member. Her name is Peggy. Of course she has blonde hair. And Peggy likes to shoot guns. We didn't get to see Peggy last night. I guess Bravo wanted to keep us in suspense.


I forgot to mention that former Big Brother winner, Will Kirby, made a cameo appearance last night on RHW OC. Tamra was in his office getting her tattoos removed.


  1. Doode, I love Gretchen! She was being a total freaking nutcase-bully on this episode, though. Calmtheeffdownwoman.

  2. Yeah, there was no doubt she was gunning for Tamra that night.