Friday, March 25, 2011

A Big "Fuck You"

(L-R) Abby & Andy

A couple of years ago when Andy's back problems first surfaced, I asked the vet if he made house visits to euthanize pets. At the time, I knew I'd be moving from Raleigh and was worried my mom would be stuck at home one day with a large, dying dog. Our vet said "Sure". He told me he had done that before for other clients. I felt relieved. I told my mom about what the vet said. She, too, felt relieved knowing that at Andy's end, she wouldn't have to fret over getting Andy to the vet.

Fast forward a couple of years. Late last week, my mom called the vet to see if he could come out in a couple of days to euthanize Andy. The receptionist told my mom she would relay the message to our vet. When the receptionist called back, the answer was "No." Frustrated and in disbelief, my mom called back to make sure the vet said what he did. It was still "No." The vet said another vet abruptly quit and he was too busy to come out.

We took him at his word, left it at that and called another vet who did come out on Monday to euthanize Andy.

Today, my cousin spoke to an old friend in Knightdale. The old friend wasn't doing well. His dog died and a vet had to put down his dog. The vet who put down his dog was our vet. Not only did our vet euthanize that dog on the same day Andy was euthanized, but the vet went to the guy's house to do the procedure.

The same fucking day as Andy! I felt like I had been kicked in the teeth. There is a part of me that wants to confront the guy to find answers. His act was a big "Fuck You" to me and my mom. We had been going to his clinic since the early 80's. Words like "sorry ass", "ass hole" , "piece of shit" and "dipshit" crossed my mind.

I'm not sure if we'll use his services again.

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  1. That stinks. All I can think is that your vet had already committed to put down the other dog, and calculated that he could not do both the same day.

    It's very bad treatment of a longtime client to treat you as he did!