Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That Was Painless

NC DMV HQ (courtesy of Google)
Yesterday, I turned in the tags to my dad's car. Even though he died over 6 months ago, I finally got around to doing this. I admit I did dread doing this. However, I was pleasantly surprised about the speed of service. It took me longer to park my car and walk to the building than for the DMV to accomplish the task.

When I walked into the room for 'tags & titles', the line extended beyond the velvet ropes all the way to the door. I braced myself for a long wait. However, as DMV worker walked by and asked me if I was there to drop off my tags. When I said yes, she said all I had to do is go to the desk up front and someone behind the counter would take care of me. And just like that, I was done at the DMV.

I wasn't sore when I woke up yesterday. However, as the day progressed, I started getting sore. Today, I'm sore from the swimming on Monday.

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