Sunday, March 13, 2011

Specialists in Animal Care

Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Cary

Looking at the pets in a lobby at a veterinary specialist's office can be depressing (the clinic we went to was Veterinary Specialists Hospital). The pets tend to be older. They have gray faces; they are weak and feeble. Their eyes do not have the bright and clear appearance younger animals have. Instead, their eyes will be dull and cloudy. Some dogs will have shaved patches where they had had surgery. Sometimes, the owners are as old and forlorn as their pets.

When I was waiting in the lobby the other day waiting for our checkout papers to be processed, I saw big German Shepherd. My first thought was about Dodo's safety. A big dog like that could have chewed up Dodo. And German Shepherd's can be head strong. I worried if the owner would keep control of the thing. I realized the dog only had three legs. I later heard the vet discuss chemo, so the german shepherd must have had cancer and or a tumor. This dog was bouncing off the walls and was quite the handful. What the hell was this dog like when she had all four legs?

A few years ago, I took Andy to the same clinic I took Dodo the other day. I forget what exactly was wrong with Andy. He had some clouding of the eye the specialist could not fix. Other than that, Andy was in very good shape. Watching Andy in comparison to the other pets in that clinic was like watching an Olympian stroll the lobby at a nursing home. A few years have gone by. Andy's bad back has limited his mobility. The arthritis has hobbled him, too. Now, Andy would fit right in with the rest of the typical clients at the clinic.


  1. Big hugs sent Andy's way.

  2. Pandy Please appreciates, but no love for Dodo??