Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Abby Fights a Laundry Bag

I tried to tell stories about the babies in a linear fashion. However, there will be times I forget stories and have to go back to fill them in. The following story is one about Abby when she was a puppy.

When I would take my dirty laundry to the utility room, Abby would viciously attack the hamper. I would drag the hamper on the floor out of laziness and energy economy so Abby was easily able to get at the hamper. Abby saw the bag of soiled laundry as an open invitation to play and fight. She pounced on the bag, snarled at it, flashed her teeth and wrestled with it all the way to the steps between the foyer and den. Once I put the bag back on the floor in the den, Abby resumed her battle. Finally, she gave up once we were in the utility room.

I thought her fighting the bag was cute. I did all I could to encourage these sessions. I would wait to take the laundry until I knew Abby was in the path of my journey from my bedroom to the utility room. I wanted to make sure the hamper crossed paths with Abby. To further incite Abby, I would pick up the bag and gently swing it into her body. That sent her into the stratosphere!

She eventually grew out of this aggressive phase. The one vestige of her aggressive phase that lingered well into her adulthood was her playing tug-of-war with the squeaky toys.

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