Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm No Longer a "1L"

I took my last exam today. Just like that, a full year of law school has passed me by. If there are any readers out there about to start law school next semester, I only have two pieces of advice.

  1. Get all the pens, pads and highlighters at the vendor booths at the start of the semester. There is no damn reason for a 1L to buy a pen with all the freebies handed out. It may seem tacky or even kitschy to take the hand-outs, but those pens especially come in handy later in the year.
  2. If you see an email with the words "meeting" & "interest" in it, by all means go there because there will be free food. I don't care if you are a red-hot liberal, if the Federalist Society offers free food, take it. Conversely, if you are a right wingnut, go to the environmental interest meetings. It won't kill you, and they will give you free food.
If you want advice on what hornbooks and primers to get, I suggest going to or the like to see what all the blowhards have to say on the matter. I have no sage advice to "Get that 'A'."

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