Saturday, May 14, 2011

Guilt Trip

My mom called me later the night I left Andy behind at her house. She gave me the biggest guilt trip for not taking Andy to my condo. Andy grew so upset that he threw up soon after we left. He felt so distressed about being left out. He did not understand why he was being left behind. All I could say to my mom was I would not have a dog not housetrained living with me. He knew it was bad to use the bathroom inside. He was too lazy to let me know he needed to go out. He was smart and knew how to communicate.

My mom kept laying the guilt on me. I agreed to take him with me on the next visit. But there would be one condition. If he used the bathroom inside my place again, he would not be invited back. My mom loved him so much. Let him shit and pee in her house; I wasn’t going to put up with that mischief. I would give him one more chance.

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