Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Clear Shower Curtain Liner

Andy Watching Me in the Shower

I had an impulse buy at Bed, Bath and Beyond one day. I saw a clear shower curtain liner and bought it. I had always wondered what exactly the babies were doing when I was in the shower. I wanted to know if they were looking around, sleeping or what. I thought “What the hell” and got it.

I took down my old liner which was opaque and put up the new one. The big moment came when I first showered with this newly hung clear liner. Andy was in his normal spot by the door. I turned the shower on, let the water get to the right temperature. I then stepped into the shower and pulled the liner over to the right. Andy’s ears drooped and eyes grew wide. Andy hopped up, turned around and started scratching at the door. He was scared. He wanted to get out so badly.

I immediately got out of the shower and hugged him. He was trembling. I told him everything would be OK. He settled down. He lied down and nervously watched me shower. After a couple of showers later, he adjusted to the new liner well.

What did he do in the bathroom while I showered? He slept. He pointed his head towards the shower and rested his head on a squeaky toy. Like before, when I turned the shower off, he would jump up and stand at attention. He knew I would be getting out of the shower when the water was turned off. While I was drying off, he would be standing there like a little soldier.

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