Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Abby's First Time Alone in the Condo

I slowly adjusted Abby to my condo by taking her for short visits over there. The first time she and I were by us is still etched in my mind. She did OK at first. She sniffed around then slept. However, when I went out on a chore, she jumped up and tried to follow me out. She had a startled look in her eyes. She wanted to be with me. She did not want to be alone in a strange place.

I came home. She was happy again. She sniffed my legs to see where I had been and what I was doing. About an hour later, I put on my running clothes to go jog a couple of miles. Again, when I left the condo, she hustled down the hall. I must have been a good 20 feet from my door when I heard a plaintive cry from Abby. She was moaning in her isolation. My god did that dog know how to give me a guilt trip. She would eventually come to love the condo and downtown. However, on that day, things were a little rocky for her.

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