Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Season of Real Housewives of NJ!!!

 Stay Classy NJ

A new season of RHW NJ starts tonight. A couple of new cast members will debut this season. I guess Danielle, a.k.a The Prostitution Whore, is gone. I want to know what happened to Teresa's dream house. Was she able to hold on to it, or did the economy take its toll on her and force her to scale down in her accommodations? It sounds like Teresa works now. The previews show her saying "Mama is bringing home the bacon." We'll also find out if Teresa's husband took care of his DWI charge. I could find out with my Lexis-Nexus account. I could have, let's say. I think I don't have access to it this summer.

In another preview last night, Teresa has an exchange with someone in a large dining hall. It looked some a reception area. There were dozens of tables in the hall. The guy speaking to Teresa and eating called Teresa 'garbage.' The guy then told her to go away. I don't know how late in the season I'll have to wait to see the outcome to that exchange, but I don't see it ending well. To make things worse, Teresa had a couple of kids in tow.

What does that mean? It means we have to hear Caroline harangue this guy for talking about her "family." Who gives a fuck about her family? She talks about her clan as if they were the Rockefeller's or Kennedy's. Talking about Caroline's family gives Caroline an excuse to lose any social graces and make a complete ass of herself.