Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Road to Morocco

The Real Housewives of NY are going to Morocco! To me that is almost as awesome as when The Bradys went to Hawaii, The Grand Canyon or Kings Island. The previews describe the trip as a “sandstorm of drama.” A clip shows Alex calling someone a “snake.” Another clip shows Cindy telling the gang “this is over the top.”

I hope Kelly brought her medication and doesn’t have a melt-down like she did last season when the gang went to the Virgin Islands. I also hope Morocco has an ample supply of Pinot Grigio for Ramona. God help the woman if she does not have any Pinot on hand.

The trip is so epic that it cannot fit in one episode. For the next three weeks, we will watch the cast go at each other. There hasn’t been this much fighting in North Africa since Rommel and the Afrikakorps stormed across the desert in WWII.

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