Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial

The Honorable Chief Judge Belvin Perry
This afternoon when the Casey Anthony Court reconvened, the judge asked the defense lawyer if he discussed 'that matter' with his client (Casey Anthony). The defense lawyer, Mr. Mason, said he had. The judge said "OK. Is there anything you want to add? (No response) OK, this court will reconvene until 8:30 am tomorrow morning." The judge then stood up and left.

The TRU TV commentators are in  a tizzy trying to 'read the tea leaves' and figure out what the 'matter' was. The commentators say the defense may cop a plea.

My first guess is that a mistrial will be ruled. I don't know diddily about criminal law or procedure, but I am entitled to my guess.


  1. The Honorable Judge reminds me of Phillip Banks, who was also a judge, on The Fresh Prince.