Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dodo is a Ragdoll Cat!

I didn't think much about Dodo's pedigree when he first came to our house 3 years ago. He was a scraggly and  underweight cat close to dying when he we first saw him. He had been in a lot of fights and had the battle scars to show.

However, he came recovered well. He is now heatlhy but he has some very striking features. He has the biggest and prettiest blue eyes. Something else we found different was how he went limp when we picked him up. It turns out this is characteristic of Ragdoll cats. Dodo also has the eye color and hair colorations of a Ragdoll. I'm not sure if he is a pedigree Ragdoll, but I have no doubt he is part Ragdoll.

I looked on the web, and a pedigree Ragdoll can go for $500 - $1000. We got him for free! Talk about a bargain!

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