Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anecdotes from Our Walks Downtown:
Men Using the Bathroom, pt II

It doesn’t take much guess-work to see what I and the babies stumbled across one evening. A man unzipped his pants and started urinating on the sidewalk about 20 yards ahead of us and he was walking towards us. He did not miss a beat, literally. During all this time, from the unzipping to the pissing, he kept walking down the sidewalk. Had this been the entire story involved, I wouldn’t have bothered telling the story. I have a good “stare at the horizon” look and can easily ignore things when I want. I could have walked past and not said a word. I preferred it that way. Unfortunately, the urinator was in a chatty mood.

The evening was cold for Raleigh standards. It was probably in the low thirty’s. I can and do wear shorts even if it is in the teens. The urinator wanted to know if I was cold. I wasn’t. He made a racial remark about how white people were made for the cold or that black people were not. I smiled and nodded and kept going. All I could think of was an entry in the blog “Stuff White People Like.” Number 86 on the list is “Shorts.” Yes, I am guilty of that.

All the while, this guy was holding a conversation with me and holding his dick in his hands while urinating on a public sidewalk.

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