Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Little Soldier

If Andy was lying on the floor, he would stand up every time I stood up. It must have taken me weeks, months or possibly a year before I noticed this habit. When he was on the couch, he would not stand up when I stood up. Abby would not stand up unless she knew for sure we were going bye-bye. She would also stand up when I would go to the kitchen. Otherwise, Abby would only lift her head when I stood. She would then put her head back down between her paws and continue sleeping.

Even when I thought Andy was doing what I thought he was doing, I had to make sure by doing a few experiments. I would stand up randomly at times to see if he would also stand; he did. I was also curious how long he would remain standing.

Once, I stood up, noted the time, and watched Andy stand soon after. For 5 minutes, I stood motionless. Andy remained standing like a little statute. He did raise his head to gaze at me. His expression read “What are you going to do, Gary? Where are we going to go?” I thought his patience and loyalty were so damned cute and endearing. Just when I thought he couldn’t be any cuter, he went and proved me wrong. Andy also acquired a new nickname because of this event—My little soldier.

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