Sunday, June 19, 2011

Abby Foils My Cleaning Efforts

As if Andy’s neurotic fear of the vacuum cleaner wasn’t enough to get in the way of my housekeeping, Abby’s sensitive skin foiled an effective cleaning strategy. Two big dogs in a home can smell up the place, even with frequent vacuuming. I came across a product I thought would address these lingering odors. Arm & Hammer had a product to absorb odors produced by pets. Basically, it was a fancied-up baking soda. I would treat the rugs and carpeted areas with the deodorizer, let it sit for an hour and then vacuum. The product worked wonderfully. My condo no longer smelled like dog.

Abby’s skin problems surfaced a week or two after I first started using the deodorizer. She would scratch, scratch and scratch. She was so uncomfortable. It was driving her crazy. It was driving me crazy. I wracked my brain to figure what why she was doing this. I zeroed in on the deodorizer.

I stopped using the stuff. I vacuumed the condo a few times to fully rid the place of the stuff. Within a week, Abby’s scratching went away. My place didn’t smell as nice anymore, but at least my Baby Girl was comfortable and at rest.

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