Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Andy Makes a Scene at a Christmas Party

My condo’s HOA hosts an Open-House Christmas party each year. Residents don’t have to participate, but interested residents open up their condos for the party as part of the festivities. This gives other residents and guests a chance to see other people’s condos and how they are decorated. The party also gave residents a rare opportunity to meet other residents who would otherwise be strangers to one another. The big draw is the HOA providing drinks and hors d'œuvres in the lobby.

I balked at opening my place up in my first year there. My main concern was for the Babies. I didn’t know how they would respond to strangers coming in the place. Andy had anti-social tendencies while Abby loved strangers. Often, if Abby liked someone, then Andy would be receptive to that person. Otherwise, he would keep away from strangers. Abby would act as a stabilizing influence on Andy.

My second concern was for my walls. They were electric blue! I didn’t think they would be that loud when I had the place painted. I asked the painter to paint a small segment of the condo to test out how it would look. It looked OK, but then when the whole place was in that color, it was vivid. I bet people on the Space Shuttle could see my place. I was embarrassed by it but repainting was going to cost me money. Economics won over aesthetics. I brushed those concerns aside. If people didn’t like it, that was tough shit. I opened my place up.

Things went well until one group of guests let Andy sneak out. Piggy’s owner let her roam around the halls that night. Andy saw Piggy and made a beeline right over to her. She barked at him initially, but when she saw him running towards her, she hid under a table. All of this happened in seconds. I heard barking; realized Andy was out and went to go get him. As I looked down the hall, all I could see of Andy was his rump sticking out from under a table. He had crouched down with his front half under the clothed tables. He had Piggy trapped. The poor thing must have been scared shitless. Even though she brimmed with spunk and energy, she was still a little old lady of 12 years old.

The guests and residents were alarmed. They didn’t know Andy was all bark and no bite. Fortunately, Piggy’s owner knew Andy was harmless. He hustled Piggy into his condo. I can still see Andy’s rump pointing in the air while Andy was giving hell to poor Miss Piggy. She had given him a hard time so many times and that night was his chance to give back. He was a paper tiger and couldn’t have fought his way out of a paper bag. I acted contrite, alarmed and embarrassed for the sake of civility and social mores. I scolded Andy and shooed him back to my condo. Inside, I thought Andy was so cute. I still smile when I think of this story.

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