Friday, June 17, 2011

Anxious Moments
Andy Invited Home or Not

If I visited my mom after the Babies had been at her place a few days, Andy would be on high alert. Sometimes I’d take them back to my place; other times I would not. Andy would be so anxious because he wanted to go home with me so badly. The anxiety gripped and paralyzed him. He would get on the couch and sit behind my mom. He would rest his upper body on the arm-rest, cut his eyes at me and pout. He had such a long face making me feel so guilty.

When I would stand up, the moment of truth would come. Andy craned his neck up and his wide eyes would lock in on me. He was waiting for me to say the magic words: bye-bye or downtown. If I said those words, he would scurry over the arm-rest and run to the side door. Abby would be right behind him. Andy would be so happy. He exuded so much joy. It was like watching a kid on Christmas morning looking at all the presents.

However, there were times when I didn’t invite the Babies. On those days, Andy would be mortally wounded. I asked my mom what Andy did when I left the house without him. She said Andy would perk his ears up and look towards the left. He wouldn’t move a muscle. Finally, after I opened and closed the side door, Andy would drop his head down in despair. He didn’t get to go bye-bye or downtown. He was so miserable and despondent. He was starting to love me more and more.

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