Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abby's Choice

While Abby was recuperating from her surgery, I spent a lot of time at my mom’s. Also during this time I did not take Andy over to my place on the few nights I did stay over there. The Babies were a set that I didn’t want to break up. They went together like salt and pepper; ham and eggs; and grits and gravy. About a month after Abby’s ACL surgery, Abby was doing pretty good. I was in the kitchen when I asked them if they wanted to go bye-bye. Andy bubbled with excitement and did a tapped his feet on the ground as he shifted from one leg to another. I called this his “Happy Dance.” Clearly, Andy was ready to go.

Abby, on the other hand, did not share Andy’s enthusiasm. Instead, she sat on the rug and hung her head down. She essentially said “No, I’m not going.” I asked her again. She would not look me in the eye. She wasn’t up to the strain all the walking downtown would put on her. Abby would never spend the night at my place again. She would spend the rest of her days at her old home. I felt bad for her. She would not spend as much time with me and Andy. I worried she would miss us and become depressed again like when I moved away to NJ. However, a few months later something would happen that would bring a new person to my mom’s house. My dad would move back in with my mom. My dad loved dogs and Abby would start to love my dad. They would support each other in hard times in their lives.

Meanwhile, Andy and I would spend quite a bit of time together at my place. He would eventually be my dog, and my dog alone. My plan to make him love me worked after the time three years before when I hurt his eye.

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