Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Casey Anthony Prosecutor Is a Smug Idiot

Yesterday, a defense witness suggested that a coyote buried Caylee Anthony's remains. The prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, condescendingly said "Oh, a coyote. We aren't blessed with them down here." If you're going to put down someone, then you better have your facts straight, Mr. Prosecutor. Last week in Bradenton, FL, a coyote attacked and killed a 10 year old Maltese. The Maltese owner's neighbors have reported numerous coyote sightings. I guess the prosecutor should eat his words.

(Even though I believe coyotes live in Florida, the witness's theory is quite a whopper.)

Talk about an awful coincidence. This is not the only time Ashton has showed arrogance and disdain to a witness. If jurors are regular people, they may find his snide remarks as off-putting as I do. That prosecutor may be hurting his case because of his personality. We'll see.


  1. That's what I've been thinking as I have been watching the case. He's a bit condescending and comes across as rude. I do think you're right. He's hurting his own case and looks the fool at the same time!

  2. Even some legal commentators say the charges may not stick.

  3. I think Jeff Ashton , should prosecute and convict the Law school that gave this moron his
    education. The other crime is the gene pool
    this guy was drowned in.Too bad nobody buried this idiot on the side of the road. I am sure if I went to I would find he is probably related, to that obnoxious, moronic, winey ,bitch, and former prosecutor Nancy Graceless, who spends her time slanting her own truth and being rude to any guest that disagrees with her. I only hope both lose their
    jobs, and never to be heard from again

  4. Haha....I also agree that Nancy Grace(less) is a gossipy evil person who does not know how to stick to facts, loves to embellish and talks over her guests (even after she's asked them a question). I can't believe she has an audience.

  5. I don't usually harbor real, near-hate, but Jeff Ashton is a pompous, arrogant, smug bastard who seems to truly believe he can do no wrong. Even after being nearly banned from the trial today, he said, "I was only covering my mouth, trying not to smile," when he was clearly sitting there giggling like a schoolgirl while Baez was doing his job, and Judge Perry knew it. He's almost more unbearable to watch than Casey. Arms flinging around, frowning, shaking his head over and over, swiping those ridiculous glasses on and off makes him look like a hyperactive teenager. If I were on that jury, I'd really send him some snide looks right back. Scum.

  6. Oh, WAAH, now that he lost, Ashton and his Ego are going to retire. Good riddance.