Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Stranger Misses Abby

About a week after Abby moved back with my mom, I was taking a late-night walk with Andy in the park. There was nothing remarkable about that night. The weather was OK and the usuals were hanging around the park. I would not have remembered the night at all had it not been for a conversation I had with a homeless guy.

He was sitting on bench. He was probably in his 40’s and was a lanky black guy. I had never spoken to him before that night. As I passed by him, he asked me a question: “What happened to the other one? Don’t you have two dogs?”

I was surprised he had noticed. I told him about Abby’s injury and how she couldn’t live with me anymore. Otherwise, she was doing well living with my mom. He was glad to know she was still alive but expressed his sorrow that her injury forced her to move.

I know I didn’t recognize the guy, but I wondered if Abby had ever greeted him on one our previous walks. She was always curious and would greet anyone who would show her attention. I know many people liked to look at the Babies just as I liked to look at other people’s dogs. Maybe that guy was one of those people and in some way, he missed Abby. He thought she was gone. At least she wasn’t “gone” gone!

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