Friday, June 10, 2011

Andy's Fears:
Chewing Gum

Andy was terrified whenever I chewed gum. I can probably pinpoint what exactly scared him. I popped my bubbles after blowing them. The loud noise scared the shit out of my baby boy. He didn’t take long to associate my chewing gum with popping bubbles.

Once that association was made , there was no way I could separate the fear he had from when I chewed gum. It didn’t matter if I did not blow bubbles anymore. He learned to tie together the chewing gum with his fear of loud noises. I would try to chew quietly. I would not blow bubbles. It was too late.

Every time I put gum in my mouth, his eyes grew wide, his ears would drop and his head would sink as low as it could. He was scared. Once in a while, he would leave the room altogether, his body shaking.

He would never lose his fear of chewing gum. I had to give it up while he was alive.

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