Monday, June 27, 2011

An Apology

I apologize to the woman, who opened a balcony door to a condo she didn’t own or rent, and snapped orders to me on that cold late winter morning over six years ago. (I guess the nights that you occasionally spent with your boyfriend at a building I partly owned authorized you to give orders to condo owners in that building.) I’m sorry Abby had a hard time that morning getting outside because her arthritis caused her so much pain during that morning that her legs were trembling. I wished she were able to go across the street and use the bathroom in her usual spot, but on that miserable morning, she could barely make it to the strip of grass in front of the building. I shouldn’t have responded to you that Abby “Really had to go” when you told me not to let my dog use the bathroom there. You countered with a cold and compassion-less expression: “Go out earlier and go across the street”, and I should not have answered back but instead “hopped-to” when you barked out your command.

I’m sorry Abby was going down-hill and entering old age. She was 9 at the time. I wished she didn’t have to take pain pills, Deramaxx, but the pain was overbearing for her on some days. I knew her time living at my condo was coming to an end. I apologize for having a hard time letting Abby go knowing she was getting old and would not be living with me much longer.

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