Sunday, June 12, 2011

Miss Piggy

A neighbor two doors down from me had a 12 year old terrier. I think she was a Miniature Schnauzer, but I’m not sure. She had a grey coat and weighed no more than 20 lbs. She seemingly had a constant, pouty scowl on her face, but it looked cute on her. Her name was Miss Piggy. She would live to 20 and died the same year Abby did, 2009. She was nice enough to me and Abby, but she hated Andy with a passion.

Piggy’s attitude was a clear deviation to how the ladies treated him. Normally, females loved Andy. Even though Andy was a gelding, they still wanted to be his girlfriend. Andy wanted nothing to do with them. Abby was the only one he loved. All the other dogs, male or female, he disliked.

I took special precautions whenever Andy was around other dogs. He didn’t want to socialize with them so I had to make sure they were kept at bay from him. Sometimes dog-owners would be a little miffed; tough shit. What was I supposed to do, tell them that my dog was anti-social and a little crazy?

Piggy would give Andy hell each time she saw him when we first moved in. Andy would growl and snap back at her. Andy couldn’t fight worth a shit, so I didn’t worry about him mauling Miss Piggy who Andy considerably outsized. Piggy’s owner knew Andy was a little squirrely. Eventually Andy and Piggy reached a détente and ignored each other as they passed by.

At these times, I was able to gossip with the owner about the goings-on at Park Deveruex. The guy was a dying breed at our condo—he was one of the few original owners from when the complex first opened up in 2000. He had a little pull with the HOA board even though he didn’t sit on it. Dog owners needed someone on their side.

If there is one thing a person should know about HOA boards, dog-haters always find a way to sit on them. They consequently make life miserable for dog-owners.

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