Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bye Bye

The Babies loved going bye-bye though they may have had different reasons for doing so. Abby always had to sit in the front seat. She was my navigator. She sat proudly in the passenger seat looking straight ahead at the road. People loved to see Abby sitting in the car. It would take them a while to realize it was a dog, and when they did, they would smile, laugh and point out to other passengers to look at my Baby Girl.

Andy would normally lay in the back seat with a toy in front of him. He would glance up at me and Abby from time to time. Otherwise, Andy would sleep. He didn’t seem to enjoy the trip like Abby did. For Andy, going bye-bye was a means to an end. He also simply liked being around me and Abby. The companionship mattered to Andy the most. Getting to “Point B” was a close second in why he liked going bye-bye. He knew we would most likely be doing something fun at the end of our trip. Pandy loved having fun.

Something the Babies had in common was how they become excited whenever I made a turn. They associated the turns with the end of the journey. It was so cute watching them dart their eyes around and scope the area to see what was going on. Andy would stand up and look around. He would look out one window, turn around and then look out the other. If we were near my mom’s , they would become antsy, wag their tails and sometimes whine.

When I did take those turns, I had to stick my right arm out in front of Abby to keep her from tumbling out of her seat. There were a few times I forgot and my poor Baby girl would take a spill. Abby was smart , though. In these turns, she would lean her body to brace herself.

At our point of destination, the Babies would wait for me to leash them before they jumped out of the car. I would grab a leash from the back, step out of the car and let Abby step over to the driver’s seat. There, I would leash Abby and let her get out. Andy sat patiently the whole time. I would open the back door, grabbed another leash and put it on Andy. Andy jumped out of the car and we would continue with whatever we were doing.

However, if we were at my mom’s, I didn’t put leashes on them and let them immediately get out. Andy wasn’t so patient. He would be so excited and would crawl between the front seats. He wouldn’t wait for the Queen to get out. Andy would blow past her and leap from the car. He was so excited to be home.

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