Thursday, June 30, 2011

Judge Perry Puts the Hammer Down

Judge Perry sentenced a spectator in the Casey Anthony Trial to six days in jail and levied a $600 fine on him, due within six months. The spectator gave the prosecutor the middle finger in the courtroom. Luckily, the jury was not present or the judge would have likely declared a mistrial since it would have prejudiced the jury. Think of the wasted money had that happened.

For 20 min, the judge lectured and questioned the young man, Matthew Bartlett who works at TGI Friday's and lives with his mom. He read the young man the riot act. He could have given the guy 180 days, so the judge showed quite a bit of restraint.

I'm not a fan of Jeff Ashton, but I can't condone what the guy did. He has other outlets to vent his dislikes such as in a blog with low-volume readership!


  1. Wow... I cant believe he did that!!

  2. The guy had fair warning that Judge Perry wasn't going to play. Judge Perry dealt decisively with the woman who had an outburst in the audience during the jury selection phase. I think Perry excused the potential juror in the courtroom because of that incident.