Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mixed Messages

By the Municipal Bldg

Who in the hell puts a “No Loitering” sign directly above a bench? Somebody who works for the city of Raleigh, that’s who. I took this photo at the Municipal Building (a.k.a. “City Hall”), which is across the street from where I used to live. On one hand, the bench says “Have a seat. Relax.” But on the other hand, the sign says “Get the fuck out!

I suspect what is defined as ‘loitering’ is left to the discretion of Raleigh police officers. People sitting there in the day during lunch: good; homeless people sleeping there at night: bad. The sign gives fair notice to potential violators should they take the risk of camping out there overnight. The homeless are a sturdy lot here in Raleigh. They can seemingly sleep anywhere and often do.

I think there are hidden reasons for that sign. However, on the surface, the sign juxtaposed against the bench sends an odd and mixed message and looks silly.

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