Sunday, June 26, 2011

Abby's Fears:
Large Trucks

Tractor trailers going directly by Abby scared her. The truck had to be in the lane closest to us and moving at a relatively fast speed. The street in front of the condo is a major artery for downtown Raleigh and had a decent amount of traffic. When the truck would go by, Abby would cower away. This was rare for her because she rarely showed fear. I don’t know what specifically scared her: the size of the truck, the truck’s loud noise or the ground rumbling.

Abby was scared of a few other things, but she acted cool about it. For example, if there was a thunderstorm, Abby would discreetly move closer to me. She wouldn’t be trembling or paralyzed with fear like Andy or Father. She was nervous and would quietly seek protection from me. But when a tractor trailer blew by, Abby visibly flinched. Andy was unfazed.

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