Sunday, June 5, 2011

Abby's and Andy's Fears:
Check Writing

Both Abby and Andy were scared when I wrote checks. Since my condo was small, I didn’t have an office where I could quietly and discretely write checks. Instead, I would take my bills to the kitchen counter which doubled up as an eating area. I would stand at the end of the counter with all my paperwork and start paying-off my bills.

Meanwhile, Abby and Andy, normally in the living room, had a full view of the process and became very still and quiet. I could tell by their focused wide-eyed looks on their faces that they were scared.

I don’t know if were scared because I was so quiet or had a focused look on my face, but something about the process made them scared. The only thing I could do to assuage their fears was to look up from my concentration and tell them everything was “OK . . . it’s alright.”

The babies would not stand down from their state of alert until all the checks had been written and the paperwork had been put away. I never could find a way to train them to pay any attention to my check-writing procedures. They would always be nervous and scared.

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