Monday, May 28, 2012

All Aboard!

Archie didn't take it well when my brother left today. Dixie, on the other hand, faced his departure with a stiff upper-lip.

Just after noon, my brother started getting ready. He showered, packed and brought his things out to the kitchen. Surprisingly to me, Archie knew my brother was going bye-bye. The reason I think he knew was that earlier in the day when my brother went out the side door (our "main entrance") Archie did not try to go out with my brother.

But when Archie saw my brother's suitcase in the kitchen, he walked outside with my brother. Archie went to my brother's SUV and waited. When my brother opened the backdoor, Archie looked in and walked passed it. He did the same thing when the hatch-door opened: looked but walked-by.

However, when my brother opened the driver's door, Archie took a look and jumped in. He wanted to go bye-bye with my brother. It  broke all of our hearts. My mom was standing on the driveway and was reduced to tears. My brother told Archie to get out, which he did.

Meanwhile, Dixie was sitting in the den eating her bone. My brother had already said good-bye to her. Dixie barely lifted her head up when my brother reached down to hug her. She kept eating her bone. She's a stoic girl!


  1. Animals are good at bringing out the emotions from everyone.

    I just deleted something I typed because I'm not sure how far I can go on your blog.

  2. A lot of pet owners love their animals more than a whole bunch of people!