Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Think Dixie Misses My Brother

Dixie's Bed

In the last two nights after I say it's time for "nighty", Dixie has gone to the room my brother sleeps instead of mine or my mom's. My brother got the bed last year because the old bed, a twin bed, hurt his back after a night's sleep. He got a regular sized bed so that now when he makes his biannual visits to Raleigh, his back won't hurt when he sleeps.

But now Dixie wants to sleep in that bed. This differs from her habits in the last week and a half; she has either gone to my room or my mom's. But now she goes to my brother's bed. After I finish brushing my teeth, I have to get her and lead her to my room where she otherwise sleeps soundly.

She's a smart girl. I know she remembers where my brother slept when he was up here. I wonder if her getting in that bed at night signifies that she misses my brother.

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