Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random Thought From My Childhood:
The Moon Followed Me Home

Start of Trip in Raleigh. I suck at nighttime photos.

Where I-40 ended at Randleman Rd.

Our exit from I-85 to home, S. Elm-Eugene.

When I was a kid of around 6 while my family was going back to Greensboro after spending the weekend in Raleigh, I thought the moon followed me home.

I remember looking directly to my right as we were going down Glenwood Ave. and seeing the moon directly to my right. Back then, we had to use I-85 to Durham where we exited onto US-70 all the way to Raleigh. I-40 ended in Greensboro back then.

What astonished me was looking out of my window when we arrived in Greensboro and seeing the moon exactly where it was to my right as it was in Raleigh. I truly thought the moon followed me home.

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