Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Bitch Is Back!

Dixie's a good girl but I liked the title.

 Friday night, I went to Greensboro to pick up Dixie and Archie. My mom is well enough to take care of Archie. Dixie will be spayed this week. We thought it would be best to have the procedure done here in Raleigh since someone will be here all day to monitor Dixie while she recovers. Abby had problems after she was neutered when she developed an infection around the staples.

Since my brother was driving up from Atlanta to visit his friend in Greensboro, I did not leave Raleigh until after 7pm. There was no use going earlier since the dogs wouldn't be there until later. By the time I got into town, it was dark so I didn't have to look at the tired and neglected buildings in east Greensboro.

I hadn't seen Archie in over 2 months. He was supposed to be trained and have calmed down. The first thing both of them did was jump up on me. Archie started whining. I think he recognized me. However, not only did they jump on me but they both lunged at my face. All I could think was that there was going to be some ass-whippings if this was a sign of things to come.

My brother was staying at a friend's place. I hung out for  a few minutes. We then put the dog's cages in the car along with their blankets and food. We collapsed Archie's cage and set it on the floor. We kept Dixie's cage intact because she liked to sit in it during a car-trip.

After we let them use the bathroom, I left. By the time I rolled out onto Wendover Ave., about a mile away, Dixie started whining. I think she missed my brother. She only whined a minute or two. I started talking to her and singing to her in an attempt to console her.

Dixie went into her cage and fell asleep. Archie started out the trip on the passenger side in the front seat but within minutes, Archie had climbed in the back, laid down close to Dixie and also fell asleep. They kept sleeping all the way to Raleigh. Even when I was back home and had parked the car, I had to wake them up to get them out of the car.

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