Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mad Men Being on the "Right Side" of History

I love how guilty white liberals who write Mad Men have continually been trying to portray the cast as being on the right side of history. Look at the way they have treated issues such as race, sex and smoking. You can almost hear the writers thoughts about how they wouldn't have done what the "silent majority" had done or not done in the early and middle part of the twentieth century.

This bothers me for a few reasons. First, it's as if they are trying to rewrite history. They are trying to exculpate themselves from the ugly warts and moles in our history by saying "Not me. I would have been a champion for the liberal cause du jour."

It also bothers me because they are overlooking, ignoring or even justifying the cast's otherwise boorish, back-biting and socially unacceptable behavior by attributing redeeming features to them from the writer's value system. It doesn't matter if Don is a dick to his friends, coworkers and wife. The man can be a liar, two-timer and a poor husband and father, but all is forgiven if Don champions the causes of the liberal cause du jour.

Hell, almost the whole damn case has personality problems and social hang-ups. Yet they are not vilified but instead glorified. It's amazing how the Mad Men writers go out of their way to make anyone right-of-center look ugly and boorish.

The show is at year 1966. Vietnam has begun to pop up. I think we'll be getting our belly-full later this season or possibly the next about Vietnam.

I'm starting to think Mad Men has jumped the shark. The show has become a convenient vehicle for the writers to project their views about current events onto the a show based in the 60's.

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