Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can I Sue Dixie's and Archie's Breeder For Breach of Warranty?

These dogs can't swim for crap. Archie fell in the pool yesterday. My mom witnessed the whole thing while I was inside. I heard her call my name. She needed help because Archie had trouble getting out and her broken arm has not fully healed.

Even though it took me a minute to get out, Archie was still at the pool-side struggling to get out but with no success. He still does not know how to get out by the steps at the shallow end. He was crying in fear in his futile attempt to get out. It was so pitiful.

Before I grabbed his collar and lead him to the steps, I could hear and see him pounding and splashing away at the water. Watching Archie try to swim is like watching Frankenstein do ballet. Archie makes Father look like Michael Phelps by comparison. The big difference though is that Archie is genetically built to swim and Father was not.

Who the hell were these breeders who has Labrador Retrievers that cannot swim. I wonder if I can sue him for breach of warranty.

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