Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Babies are back, safe and sound



The vet spayed Dixie and neutered Archie without any troubles. I picked them up in mid-afternoon.

First I had to pay the bill, over $800. My mom promised to repay me but she has had 3 bounced checks in the last month, so there may be problems. Oh well, I will get more points on my credit card's frequent user program. Paying the bill first also gives the owner a chance to make a quick exit.

If we paid last, we would have to keep two revved-up labrador puppies under control at the counter. This way, we were able to scoot out of the building once the vet finished giving me post-op procedures.

The vet said Dixie had to wear an e-collar because she was chewing at her stitches. I found out Dixie weighed 47lbs and Archie 55. I was surprised Dixie weighed so much. She's getting to be a big girl.

I waited in an examination room while the vet tech went to get the babies. Both of them were happy to see me and they were happy to see each other. They whined, cried, kissied and jumped up on me and each other. The vet tech helped bring the babies to the car. My hands were full with a dog as well as paperwork for registering their microchips at Petslink.com.

Less than 5 minutes after the vet told me not to let the dogs jump, Archie jumped into the car after I opened the hatchback. The vet tech lifted Dixie and put her in the car. We went on our way. I was worried Dixie would get car sick but she did OK.

We made it home and they used the bathroom in the side yard and went inside.

Archie seems peppy. But Dixie is a little tired with droopy eyes.

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