Monday, May 7, 2012

A Movie About a Mid-life Crisis Gave Me a Mid-life Crisis

A movie about a man's midlife crisis has sent me into a midlife crisis. I'm talking about the movie, 10. I watched about the first thirty minutes of it the other day (I've seen it many times before). The movie centers on Dudley Moore's midlife crisis.

I doubt many of my classmates have ever heard of the movie "10." The odds any of them ever hearing of Bo Derek are long. The odds of them who have ever lusted after Bo Derek are even more remote. I still think Bo Derek is pretty damn good looking. The odds that any of my classmates would find her attractive today are astronomical.

When I was growing up, guys in my age-group had posters of one of these women: Farrah Fawcett or Bo Derek. I had a Farrah Fawcett post but I really liked Bo Derek better.

I thought Dudley Moore's character was 50 in 10. He was fretting about his dotage. He was not 50 but 42. I'm now 44.

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