Friday, May 25, 2012

Archie Collapses

Dear gentle readers, don't worry. Archie is fine. This is about the way Archie lies down in his own clumsy and klutzy way.

Archie is not graceful by any measure. He's big-boned and heavy-footed . When he runs, his movement looks more like a work-horse's plodding trot. This is in contrast with Dixie, his sister. She has more delicate features. Dixie's movement appears sprightly and lithe. At times, instead of running or walking, Dixie prances.

Before I describe how Archie lies down, I'll try to describe how a dog lies down. Normally, a dog will make a tight circle around the resting space which Archie does. Then a dog will put its rump on the ground in somewhat seated fashion followed by putting the rest of its body on the ground.

This is where Archie differs from the others. Archie has a unique way of laying down. He will collapse on the ground, his body making an audible and characteristic "thud" when it hits the ground. He bypasses the "sitting stage" and goes right to the ground. Not only will he make a big thud but his collar will "jangle" as well. I know without looking when Archie has layed down.

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