Monday, May 21, 2012

Dixie's Achilles Heel

Dixie's least favorite toy

My brother used this word to describe Dixie: fearless. When he would take her to the dog park, he said, Dixie would approach all dogs without hesitation or fear. It didn't matter how big the dog or ferocious the breed. Dixie would swagger up to them and initiate aggressive play.

Today, we found out her fear: a stuffed toy. The toy is shaped like a gorilla and when squeezed, makes an angry sound like it's going ape-shit. Archie loves the toy. The toy scares the hell out of Dixie.

I noticed today for the first time because the babies snuck into the closed-off living room and found a reserve of  dog toys. They got the gorilla toy. After Archie had bit into the toy setting off the noise-maker, Dixie stood still, cocked her head to the side and stared at the toy.

Normally when she sees Archie having fun with a toy or whatever, Dixie sees that as an invitation to take it away and to play. But now, she refused to go near it.  At one point, she even took a frightened leap back when Archie had set it off. She made me laugh.

The poor baby was scared. Fearless, my ass!

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