Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dixie Jumped In the Pool!

Dixie & Archie

Today, Dixie jumped in the pool. She wasn't pushed in and didn't fall in. She crouched down an leaped at me while I was standing in the shallow end. Dixie can swim but not gracefully. What's worse, she doesn't know how to get out of the pool. Instead of going to the steps at the shallow end as we have coached her to do, Dixie goes to the nearest side and futility tries to climb out, tiring herself out in the process.

Around 10 minutes before she jumped in, Dixie was sitting by the pool-side, pawing at the water, attacking it with her paws and sticking her nose underwater blowing bubbles. She is really interested in the water. During one of these episodes, Dixie fell in the pool. I then grabbed her collar and led her to the steps.

Wanting to entice them in, I took off my shirt and got in the water. It was cold but not Lindley Park in May Cold. Archie extended his paw at me and put it on my shoulders. He was curious but not enough to get in.

But Dixie showed a heightened interest in the situation. I pleaded for her to get in. After a few minutes, she crouched down and jumped at me. It wasn't quite a hearty jump like Abby did but it wasn't a sissy jump like Andy. I pointed her to the steps and she made a straight line for them. She got out only for Archie to be waiting to attack her.

Hopefully, she'll be able to swim with ease in a few weeks.

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