Monday, January 3, 2011

Abby Loses Weight

When I moved to NC, I set a goal to help Abby lose weight. She weighed 95lbs when I moved away and now topped out at nearly 120lbs. She was a big-boned girl but 120 was way too much for her. She had the perfecta of problems for overweight people or dogs: laziness and gluttony. She loved to eat and to make things worse, she was a nervous eater. For example, if there was a little turmoil or a guest at the door, she would go straight to the bowl and eat. Abby also was greedy. She wanted her food, Andy's and Father's.

That wouldn't have been a problem except that Andy and Father ate defined parts of the day and if the food was not around, they would skip a meal. They would lose weight to the point where they were underweight while Abby was a pudgy as she could be.

Because of their conflicting eating behaviors, I couldn't simply take away Abby's food without harming Andy's and Father's health.

Then there was Abby's activity level. She was lazy and bored easily. Getting her to move around was a major challenge and my mom wasn't up to the task. However when I moved back home, I was able to take the dogs for walks 6 or 7 times a day. Also, since summer was around the corner, I could also have Abby play in the pool. When I played in the pool, Abby readily got in and played. All of this activity added up and burned off the calories.

We almost always took walks in the downtown area. The babies loved all of the new sites and they enjoyed the car ride to boot. By the end of the summer, Abby had lost quite a bit of weight which showed. One time when I took her to the vet, the vet commented that Abby had a waist line again. She made to just under 100lbs. Abby looked good and I was proud of her.


  1. Wow, she weighed more than I ever have. It's funny all the similarities animals have to humans. One might even say they're on the same level. I would never elevate their status since they don't have thumbs.

  2. So, if my hands were amputated, would you knock me down a few pegs to where dolphins are?

  3. Depends. Would you be willing to entertain people in the pool for money?