Monday, January 3, 2011

Back in NC

I moved back to Raleigh on a Friday. April 12, 2002 to be exact. There are some dates people are supposed to remember such as start dates and end dates at companies they have worked for. My trip down was slow. I took no chances of any speeding tickets so I wouldn't have to come back to some dipshit town up north to take care of some rinkydink moving violation. This would trip took me the longest of all my trips to NC from NJ.

I got home late, woke up Abby and lala'd her. After a long trip, I need a couple of hours to mellow out because I'm normally wound up and can't get to sleep for a while.

We had a warm spring and hot summer. Even though it was mid April, the pool was warm enough to swim in. I didn't start at GSK until the 22nd, so I had a week to lay around the pool and play with the babies.

Once I started working, I settled into a new routine. Even though my mom would let Abby and Andy out, I would go out front with them and play for 10 or so minutes, then I'd drive to work. When I returned from work, I'd play some more with the babies. We played in the same way we did when I would be vacationing but now I had more time to spend with them. I also had more time to spend with Andy. At this stage, he was still my mom's dog. Andy was quite attached to my mom, but things would change in a matter of months.

While Abby and Andy would play, I'd keep an eye out for Father. I still held out hope he would come bopping back to our house. Sometimes I'd hear 'phantom barks', that characteristic high-pitched bark of Father's. Especially at night I'd hear those phantom barks. I would go outside hoping to catch a glimpse of Father only to see nothing.