Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Andy's Sissy Jump
Andy's Masculinity Problems

Compare Andy's sissy jump to the jump below.

Abby Jumping
Andy always had problems with masculinity. He started out manly enough. Before he was neutered, he tried to hump everything in site. It didn't last long. From then on, I had to admonish him to be a man about it. I wanted him to pee like a man and hike his leg up instead of squatting like a girl.

Strangers thought Andy was a girl to add insult to injury. I guess since he didn't have all of his manly parts and that since he was so pretty that people thought he was a girl. Even the spellchecker in Microsoft Outlook thought Andy had some masculinity issues. When I'd email someone about Pandy, an alternative spelling for "Pandy" was "Pansy." A computer insulted my poor little Baby Boy and he didn't even know it.

When Andy jumped in the pool, he didn't take a vigorous leap into the water like Abby did. Instead, Andy merely stepped off the edge of the pool into the water. I called that the 'sissy jump.' Andy wouldn't readily jump in the pool, either. It took quite a bit of encouragement and excitement to convince him to jump in the pool.

Even when Andy was being a sissy, he was still too cute for words to possibly describe.

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