Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cynical Thought of When We Receive Law School Grades

I realize grading law school exams takes a while. My best guess places the average number of pages per exam at 12 per student. Multiply that by 50 to 80, the average number of students per section, and that gives a professor over 500 pages of exams to grade.

I know these things take a finite amount of time; the students work in parallel while the prof works in sequence. The deck is stacked against the prof, time wise.

However, the cynical side of me says that the law school has ulterior motives and waits until we return for the spring semester until we can find out how we did in the previous fall semester. Imagine if someone who had sub-par grades were still at home and received his grades. He may not be as inclined to return to school and subsequently drop out. On the other hand, a person who has already travelled back to school may be more likely to stick around, even with sub-par grades.

OK, I normally don't partake in conspiracy theories. I'll now take off my tinfoil hat.

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