Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Thought About Ghost

A Plot Hole

I remember watching Ghost one day. Patrick Swayze's ghost struggled mightily to move worldly objects early in the show without any success. He knew ghosts could move worldly objects which frustrated him even more since he was already a helpless bystander. Then he saw that ghost on the subway who yelled at him, pushed him around and man-handled him. The other ghost was able to move things around at will, even other ghosts. Swayze received some coaching from that ghost and was finally able to move things around. (The actor who played the angry ghost was a great character actor, Vincent Schiavelli.)

What confused me was how Swayze was  unable to move a penny a fraction of an inch but when the other ghost threw Swayze, Swayze hit the ground. If Swayze wasn't able to make physical contact with worldly objects, how come when he reached the ground he didn't keep falling through the earth , go straight down and keep going?

I think that is called a plot hole.

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