Sunday, January 30, 2011

SDSU is #4???

Obviously I haven't been paying close attention to college basketball lately.

I was watching the UNC-NCSU game this afternoon while copying some notes from my IP class. At the corner of my eye I caught the ticker scrolling through the Top 25. I saw San Diego State University at number 4. "Surely my eyes deceive me," I thought, maybe I was looking at the women's Top 25. I looked again to make sure the subject was men's college basketball. There have been times when I mistakenly confused the women's scores with the men's. My eyes are not as sharp as they used to be. I didn't misread anything. I did see that SDSU was ranked number 4 in the nation.

My next thought was "This can't be right. What the shiddilywho is going on here?" SDSU can't be ranked in the Top 5. In any other year, they would be lucky to be the fourth best team in California, let alone fourth in the nation. Yet , now they sit at number four. They'll drop some after their loss to BYU last week, but they still have a respectable record. They seem to be cruising to the Big Dance.

The superstitious among us will say that I have jinxed SDSU.

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